Logistics / Szprotawa
"Szprotawa Logistics Center" is a complex of warehouse and industrial facilities being implemented by REDKOM in Dziećmiarowice near Szprotawa in lubuskie province. The investment is carried out in several stages. The first phase comprises construction of two facilities with a total area of approx. 127 000 sq m and height of 18 m. In August 2022, we obtained a valid permit to start activities within this stage. Appealing location - near the border of Germany and the Czech Republic - makes the investment logistically and industrially attractive not only for Polish market but also the entire market of EU member states. An additional advantage is the competitiveness of the region in terms of the costs.

The total area of the buildings from all phases is 278 000 sq m. Currently, an advanced commercialization process is being conducted. The opening of the facilities from the first stage is planned for 2023.